Introduction :

The mobile app development framework allows developers to build apps for any device iOS, Android, Web, or desktop with a single code. It uses an integrated JavaScript stack that allows developers to
achieve functionalities with minimal coding required.
• A mobile development framework is a software framework that is designed to support mobile app
• It is a software library that provides a fundamental structure to support the development of applications
for a specific environment.
• Frameworks can be in three categories: Native frameworks for platform-specific development, mobile
web app frameworks, and hybrid apps, which combine the features of both native and mobile web app


•ReaSwiftic. Swiftic is one of the best mobile app development
frameworks available in the iOS platform. …
•ct Native. …
•Xamarin. …
•Ionic. …
•Sencha Ext JS. …
•Adobe PhoneGap. …
•Flutter. …




A framework, or software framework, is a platform for developing software applications. It provides a foundation on which software developers can build programs for a specific platform.


React Native
• Framework7
• Flutter
• JQuery
• Xamarin
• Swiftic
• Ionic
• Sencha Ext JS
• Apache Cordova

Flutter VS React Native

Difference between Flutter and React-Native

Prerequisites for React native

Here are some ideas and concepts that you should be familiar with before starting to work on React Native:

•You should be familiar with programming concepts like functions, objects, arrays, and to a lesser extent, classes

•You should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript

•You should have some familiarity with HTML and CSS

•Finally, if you have worked with React before, you already know a lot about React Native, and there should be absolutely no problem in working with it.

Steps to create a react-native application,6%20Set%20up%20React%20Native%20project%20on%20CI%2FCD

Components of applications to be created

Similar to React, everything here is a component. Everything you see here is a separate component that has been combined to create a complete mobile application. The following are the components that we will be creating for this application:


•This component will act as a container for all the other components to come together and provide a complete application


•As the name suggests, this component will be the header of the mobile application

•Display Image

•This component is used here to display the image on the main screen

•To-do Item

•Each task added is a separate component 

•To-do Input

•This component is used to add tasks to the application

It is very important to visualize a React Native application in terms of components before starting to work on it, and that’s precisely what we are doing here.

Small Example projects on React Native:

Calculator Implementation of the iOS calculator built in React

Emoji Search React app for searching emoji

Snap Shot A photo gallery with search

BMI Calculator A React Hooks app for calculating BMI

Image Compressor An offline image compressor built with React and browser-image-compression

Counter App A small shopping cart example

Tutorial Solutions Solutions to challenges mentioned at the end of React tutorial

Methods of creating react-native app:

Reference links to create an app:   for expo cli  for react Native cli •  for node JS installation


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