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Copy writing, Home Tuition to Project Works

Corporate TRAINING

Develop the talents for your organization

Teacher’s Training

Utilizing the available solutions to deliver a productive class

Software DEVELOPMENT Solutions

Convert your ideas into projects

Teacher’s Training. what and why !?

Utilizing the available solutions to deliver a productive class

•Get Recognition : Distinguish yourself as an educator and be recognized for the work you’ve done

•Make a bigger impact: Engage and do more with your students through technology

•Demonstrate proficiency: Advance in your professional development while validating your proficiency with Google’s tools for the classroom

A few things we’re great at

Just elaborated the ways we are getting closer to the larger number of sudience

Academic Internships

Un-Paid 45 Days Full stack developer Training cum Internships.

For Both Final years and Pre-Final Year Students, get real time industry relevant hands on on latest technologies which boost your interview preparation in all the possible ways

Productive Weekends

Software professionals meetup.

A 40 min short meeting organised to provide a platform where various industry professionals come together and discuss various industry trends and grow their network which would help them in both of their professional and personal life

Pre-Placement Solutions

15 days of structured program

which comprised of industry professionals talks, Resume Building Sessions, Creating your portfolios on career sites, Aptitude and coding sessions, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews and much more

Academic Solutions

The Secret of Success

Copy writing, Home Tuition to Project Works which includes all boards and universities of our country. Get qualified Tutor near to you


•ICSE •CBSE •All other state boards


•Academic assistance •Project work Assistance • Short Term Trianings

Competitive Examinations

•State Entrance Exams •Pre Placement Training

Pre-Placement Trainings

•Aptitude Tests •Coding Tests •Domain Tests •Psychometric Tests•Mock  •Interviews •Group Discussions

Teacher’s Training

The Secret of Success

Utilizing the available solutions to deliver a productive class


Google Educator Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications

Earning your Level 1 and Level 2 Educator Certifications prepares you for any of these programs. Pick one that’s right for you

Computer Awareness Classes

The computer awareness syllabus contains various topics such as History and Generations of computers, Memory Unit, and Management, Computer Malware, and security system, Software and hardware, etc.

Academic solutions with Office 365 

Give educators the power to unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple, secure experience—all in a single, affordable solution that’s built for education. And when you purchase Microsoft 365 for teachers, faculty, and staff, students get access at no extra cost.

Google for Education Training – Collaborate with your Students

Google for Education tools work together to transform teaching and learning so that every student and educator can pursue their personal potential. Learn various Google for Education Tools

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